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August 2015  

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not so bereft of Valentines
 happy_community - (evilgrins)
11:16pm 19/02/2015
Doppleganger posting in The Happy Community
At one time, for 2 decades and change, my voracious sexual appetite was well fed by more than a few women. Prior to my near 3 years of unemployment those I regularly pleasured dropped significantly, even though I had no income to speak of that didn't hurt my sex life so much. I might've gotten a new job sooner if I wasn't still regularly interlocked with 6 different women...

...not all at the same time, or anything like that. I'm talking around the same time.

Gradually those that dropped down to 2, then up to 4, then down to just the 1, and then nada...

...and then I was working again.

I'm the last few years of working I've literally been working, sleeping, and eating. I haven't been going to clubs, I've barely gone to any conventions for more than a brief swing by; basically the places I regularly meet women to pleasure I had all but ceased attending. So, I've had no one new in my bed, in my arms, or in my heart all the time I've been working.

This is why I've not had any Valentines the past few Feburarys.

On a lark, this past one, I texted a bunch of the women in my phone directory. Selected mostly by women I've either been nakedly interlocked with before, and two others who I've had a lot of near misses with, and one other random one who I never will do to twisted circumstances but I figured "Why not?" A simple text, asking if they'd be my Valentine.

Under terms that it would be in name only, and no one needed to know. Replies came back quick, and they were these:
- You'll always be one of my favorite Valentine's! Why shouldn't I be yours? Xoxox
- Of course I will be. Kisses
- *yes <3
- Sure... tho I feel compelled to ask how many people you sent this message to.
- I'm already five other people's valentines whats one more?
- Happy plague day!

Anyway, I wasn't exactly down in the dumps (not thrilled either) about not having a Valentine this year... but these responses did put me in great spirits nonetheless!
mood: lovedloved
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(no subject)
08:48pm 20/02/2015 (UTC)
kaishin108: snow heart mittens

See, not so bad :-)
picword: snow heart mittens
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(no subject)
09:04pm 22/02/2015 (UTC)
Yes and no, an actual physical person to be involved with, rather than various former sex partners and female friends, would be preferable.
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