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August 2015  

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had a little @ChristyMack moment
 happy_community - (evilgrins)
08:07pm 15/07/2015
Doppleganger posting in The Happy Community
Only downer here is my home computer is still busted; I'm not there at the moment.

So, I got off work today and I was headed down to SF Muni's subway when I stepped over a newspaper on the staircase. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like skin so I paused to take a better look.

It was a full page ad with Christy Mack there in all her naked glory, though her naughty bits were covered by the position she was sitting in; arms crossed roundabout where you'd think. Apparently she's in town performing.

Under the best of circumstances I'm usually unusually aware of my surroundings, but the Lady Mack is exceptionally distracting. So in the heartbeat of my taking all of that yummy on the page in I was stepping over, I didn't see a person ahead of me suddenly switch directions. Essentially I crashed into him, started a small avalanche of people, and nearly maimed us all.

Totally worth it!
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(no subject)
07:30pm 16/07/2015 (UTC)
Well but she's worth it. I know who she is and I've seen her in action so a little mishap like that is totally forgiveable lolol.
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(no subject)
03:15am 14/12/2015 (UTC)
she is fairly wonderful
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